OK, I Admit It, I Am An Evangelist.

OK, I admit it, I am an evangelist.

Three years ago a minister prayed “Evangelism” over me.

I rejected any thought that I would ever be evangelistic.

I did not want to be a preacher, teacher or missionary.

But honestly, I didn’t really know what evangelism meant.

I knew I would never be a preacher.

I’m not a teacher and I’ve had to learn how to actually like people.

But then I wrote a story: The Rose Stone

Through writing The Rose Stone I realized I had a problem: I was an addict, addicted to food.

I weighed 300 pounds.

I treated food like any addict would treat an abused substance.

I sought help and began to treat my addiction.

I lost 65 pounds.

But how does that make me an evangelist?

The Rose Stone tells a story about how God helps people through difficult times.

People loved my book, The Rose Stone, and encouraged me to write more.

I began writing in earnest.

Every story is a story about everyday people and how God helps them through grief, pain and struggles.

Every story shows something more about God: Mercy, Love, Grace, etc.

Now I can see the truth.

I was wrong about what an evangelist was.

The minister was correct: I am an evangelist and the tools that God gave me to evangelize with are my stories.

What tools has God given you?

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