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I’m working on my next book. I’m through the first draft. I have to admit it’s been painful. Not because of the writing process but because of the subject it deals with – domestic abuse. When you’re writing something you

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You Can Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits

Here’s something I didn’t know: You can share you Amazon Prime benefits with another member of you family. Alright, here’s the benefits you can share (Copied directly from Amazon’s website): The following Prime benefits can be shared in an Amazon

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“Brianna” Is Now Available On Amazon

Wow. Things are moving fast. The eBook version of Brianna went live last night on Amazon and B&N. I am so excited!!! I’ve already seen sales of it. Here’s my affiliate link to the book on Amazon. Please do me

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Finally! Our Audiobook “Brianna” is Released

It took longer than I expected but our latest book “Brianna” is finally released and online, available for download. We’re giving it away for free. Here’s a snippet: [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /] “Brianna” is about a woman

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Can Writing a Book Save Your Life?

by Ralph Nelson Willett The title of this posting might seem a bit far fetched but I can tell you that I’m convinced that one book I wrote actually saved my life. The book is “The Rose Stone”. You can

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Releasing ‘Brianna’ – By Ralph Nelson Willett

One of the most exciting thing for an author to do is to release a new book. There’s a certain amount of pride in doing that. It’s a bit like showing off your new baby. You show it to everyone

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How to Market Your eBook

I have to admit I’m a bit frustrated. Trying to be an Indy Publisher is more difficult than just putting your book on Amazon. To rise above the noise to have any chance of getting noticed you must have a

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Newest Amazon Kindle Available for Pre-Order

This is good news for all of us eBook fans. The new Kindle is available for pre-order. Get it as soon a it comes out. (Ok, This is an affiliate link but it’s still pretty cool.) New Amazon Kindle Pre-Order

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South Haven Authors and Indie Publishers Group

For me, the writing part is easy. I love to sit down and crank out a story even if it’s for my own amusement. After writing “The Rose Stone”, (You can hear the audio book here I wrote two

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This is one of the projects that we were involved with. It happens to be one of my favorites. We were asked to write something that would show why people put on ‘masks’ to hide our real selves from people.

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