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The Release – Escape From Torment

Christian Books: The Release

Escape From Torment

Faith Based Christian Book: After a lifetime of abuse, Carrie Rhodes escapes but now must hide from her ex-boyfriend and the gang that wants her dead. On the run and just two hours from her greatest fears in Chicago, her car breaks down. With no hope left, she resigns herself to her inevitable death.

But hope returns in the form of an extraordinary man with dark secrets and an unusual occupation. For the first time, Carrie finds herself as part of an extended family where love is unconditional and freely given.

However evil refuses to let her go and darkness rages in many forms. Still, Carrie refuses the light that is shining in her life. Can God’s love, shown through flawed people, be the path of escape from generations of torment?

The Summer Tourist

The Summer Tourist - Christian Romance (book)

Tina reflected on how she had been used by the man she loved. The crushing weight of his deception overwhelmed her, leaving only her pain

In this Christian book Tina reflected on how she had been used by the man she loved. The crushing weight of his deception overwhelmed her, leaving only her pain. Standing in front of the lighthouse, she raises tear-filled eyes toward Chicago and whispers, “I am not your summer diversion.”

She holds the sparkling bracelet he had given her over the water. The final emotional release of letting him go was to turn her hand slowly and let it fall away.

Could she ever trust again? Would an old flame return to love her once more?

The Summer Tourist, A Christian Romance, is set in the city of South Haven MI with it’s sandy Lake Michigan beaches and iconic lighthouse. As part of the Haven Series, this book examines love and love lost. Can a love and trust ever be restored?

The Rose Stone

The Rose Stone (Christian Book)

The Rose Stone
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In this christian short story, Rosanne struggles with suicidal thoughts, addiction, and unwanted pregnancy. A small stone, a token from her past, reminds her of the love of her family; a love she once walked away from. In a ruined life and far from home, Rosanne reaches out in desperation for the help she needs. Now a God she rejects reaches into her life through that same small stone, guiding her back home, both physically and emotionally.

The Rose Stone will have you feeling the pain and desperation of a young woman who once had it all but now fights to stay alive. The story takes you in deep as you hear the voices that condemn her, struggle with her as she stumbles and you’ll cry with her as she escapes her personal demons. Although it’s fiction, this may be a story of someone you know; it may even be you. It’s a story of how God can use even the smallest and most common things to rescue a life. In Rosanne’s life, it’s all touched by a single stone; The Rose Stone.


Brianna (Christian Book)

Faith leads to miracles.

This Christian fiction story of Brianna shows the love of God in a unique way through the darkest part of her life.
Grief for the loss of her children due to a tragic accident causes Brianna to feel hopeless and to the question “who is God”. Why was she being punished? But hope heals through a series of miraculous signs. Brianna is reassured of the love that God has for her.

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